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Rare Chinese badge


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in 2007 M&E sold one for £12500 +20%premium =15000. Considering the inflation that equals to ~ £18.100 nowadays (yeah, that's how much money you lost :lol:). The YJ one sold for £15.000

That follows the assumption that the prices stayed stable for the last seven years which I tend to doubt (it goes upwards, of course)

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Not may have access to YJ auctions. And third party bidding companies can limit your bidding at times too. Need to try to persuade them why you want to bid 2,500,000+ yen and they may want to see if you can put a deposit maybe.

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That is a real beauty and extraordinarily rare. Given its location in Japan, you could also assume it is in as pristine a condition as the photo suggests.

I've written a long article on the Order of Rank and Merit which begins with the near identical Imperial Nobility Badge introduced by the Qing government in 1909. It also covers the Republican Nobility Badge. It draws upon Nick's excellent thread and the contributions of other members.

It's been submitted to OMSA so watch this space. :)

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