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    Those pesky provincial badges

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    While I am afraid there is an endless sky of these out there and that most are NIBs (see http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=5914 for those), I thought we might post detailed scans of those which The Good Doctor has given in his "Z" range. I'd suggest that the identifications even of these published varieties should be considered tentative.

    Z 15 - Uvurkhangai Province

    A really low-quality badge from just southwest of Ulanbaatar.

    Though this in aluminum (generously described) rather than the bronze (?) shows by Battushig.

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    Z 10V - Khuvsgul Province

    A variant of the badge shown, from the exotic far northwest. As they have Lake Khuvsgul (Kh?vsg?l), they get to show a boat.

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    Not quite sure where to put this one. Is it a NIB or not?

    It is similar to what Battuishig shows as "Z 11 . Bulgan Provice" (though his badge clearly says "Dornogobi", as does this one). This is sort of silver (as it is sort of metal), likely a later and nastier example of whatever Z 11 actually is?

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