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    Document: Medaille für Verdienste in der Energiewirtschaft der DDR

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    Just thought that I would share this award document that was awarded in 1983 to a former WW-2 paratrooper who served in 3 FJD.

    I don't collect DDR paperwork (this came with his WW-2 citations) so have no idea about the criteria for such an award but am assuming it is a merit type award for years served in a certain industry, in this case the energy industry.

    Just to complete the picture so to speak, can anyone tell me who the signature belongs to please?

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    No problem. I find the WWII Paratrooper aspect to be very interesting It looks like he worked over 40 years in the coal industry. So he may have been a coal worker before he entered the German armed forces in WWII? Here is more information in German on the Medaille für Verdienste in der Energiewirtschaft der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik:


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    Hucks 216

    A bing translation of Kevins post for those who do not read German. An interesting certificate. One we don't see very often.



    Medal for Merit in the energy industry of the German Democratic Republic

    The Medal for Merit in the energy industry of the German Democratic Republic was a state award from the German Democratic Republic (GDR), which on 6 April 1971 in three levels,bronze , silver and gold was donated. The ceremony took place after a certain number of years of service covered. Specifically, this meant that

    • for 40 years of service in Gold
    • for 25 years of service in Silver
    • for 15 years of service in bronze.

    Their ceremony took place at all members of the energy industry for many years of membership and outstanding achievements in this field. For outstanding achievements that had led to the securing of the economic tasks of the energy industry, the medal could also be awarded before reaching the actual period of service in advance.

    Appearance and structural manner [ Edit ]

    The bronze, silver plated or gold plated coin with a diameter of 32 mm shows on their obverse center the presentation of a stylized power plant with three underlying smoky chimneys . To the right of a gasometer and left pylon . Among the middle a curved laurel branch. The reverse of the coin shows, however, the sublime embossed five-line inscription: MEDAL / FOR MERITS / IN / ENERGY / THE GDR , where the first two lines have been marked in italics. Was driven medal on a 24 x 13 mm blue-related clip, in which two vertical and 3 mm wide yellow green pink center strip are woven, which are 2.5 mm away from the hem on the left upper chest. The interim clasp is of the same nature and additionally shows the center patch 10 mm miniature of the obverse of the coin.

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    Apologies for the delay in getting back to this thread. Thanks for the replies. It is interesting to see the actual medals themselves. Considering the award for 40 years service it does help to add just a little bit more to the citation set as all the set consists of is his citations and no Wehrpass/Soldbuch so it is now possible to know what his pre-military service trade was. He was awarded the FJ Badge in October 1942 but was also awarded the Ost Medal so was already serving in late 1941/early 1942.

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