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Help with unit identification

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Let be begin by apologizing for not having any pictures. I have a 1912 Erfurt luger marked "B.S.A.9" There is no second date and there is no sear safety or any other indications of police use. I've looked through the book by Gortz and Bryans and a couple of other source, but have not been able to identify the unit with any degree of confidence. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Before the war there were so-called "Feldsignalabteilungen". They were used in the cavalry divisions. S.A. stands for those units. Mabye there were 9 Abteilungen in Bavaria?

My guess is: "Bayerische Feldsignalabteilung Nr.9"

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Thank you so much. I have been trying to figure this out for months now. You mention Gortz, p. 109. I have looked through my copy of German Small Arms Markings, and the big book on lugers but can't find anything relative on page 109. I have not been able to find a copy of his Handbuch Deutscher Waffenstempel here in the US so I could not judge whether it would be a valuable addition to my library. I also believe there were at least a couple of different versions of the big luger book. Which book or edition do I need to add to my collection so that I can see page 109?

Finally, Mr. Noll, I've heard and read about your books for years but have never been able to find one or even see one. Is there any possibility that you will be making a new edition or version available?

Thank you all again for everything.

Most Gratefully Yours


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Steve, You are in luck (I think?). I felt like I was going to by lynched if I did nothing to alleviate the difficulty collectors were having obtaining a copy of my book on the secondary market. A quick search of used booksellers also documented the extremely high prices being asked for them. Accordingly, I have recently republished the book as a Redux. I also published an addendum containing over 1400 WWI luger unit marks as well as a 100 or so non-luger markings. I have attached a flyer below. Jeff

"The Imperial German Regimental Marking [Revised Edition]"

by Jeff Noll is available again.

This Redux publication is spiral bound with a color cover (w/clear plastic top cover), printed on 28 pound paper, 198 pages and is the same as my original printed and bound hardcover book. It will be produced in very small quantities. Price is $80 plus $5.60 Priority mail postage (USA). Non-USA addresses-I will ship per your preference. Shipping weight is 1.8 pounds. Personal checks are fine. Please mail to: Jeff Noll, P.O.Box 7184, Ventura, CA, USA 93006-7184. My Paypal address is: nopubl@earthlink.net

Also available

"A Pistol Observation Addendum to The Imperial German Regimental Marking" by Jeff Noll. This addendum expands the Chapter 4 Observations of Luger Pistols and non-Luger Pistols. Contains 1400 documented Lugers. This publication is spiral bound with a color cover (w/clear plastic top cover), printed on 28 pound paper, 74 pages and is the same format as my original book. Price is $23 plus $5.60 Priority mail postage (USA). My Paypal address is: nopubl@earthlink.net

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Prussian, Yes this is a reprint of my book. What you have is the soft cover folded and stapled gray covered booklet (~80 pages). It was my first attempt at publishing. In 1998 the hard covered The Imperial German Regimental Marking [Revised Edition]. It has a black cover and is 198 pages. I have been sold out of them for ~10 years and the secondary market is selling them for very high prices. To help those collectors who were unable to find a copy I basically republished it as the spiral bound version [Redux] (see in the classified section). Although not a bound hard cover book, I used better paper and the printing is very crisp. I have attached a sampling of the chapters. Jeff

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