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    Order of Oranje-Nassau order merit med in silver

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    Dear gentlemen,

    I have two merit medals of the order of Oranje-Nassau but in different sizes. The civil one is 30mm and the military is 27mm and the crowns are different in shape and design.

    Now to the questions. Why different sizes and can one tell who the maker is on just looking at the crowns?

    Also from which period are the medals?

    Any help or information is valuable.

    Thank you.

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    30mm is the regular size. 27mm is a very large miniature.

    If the reverse shows ZY in GOD ZY MET ONS then they are pre seventies. If it shows ZIJ its later.

    Crowns do not determine who the maker is.

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    Ok, then both medals are pre seventies but there are no hallmarks.

    In many cases the crowns can determine who the maker is becouse they hade individual designs. I am talking now generelly about european makers.

    Thank you for your input.

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    Maxblue. You're right. Between european countries the crowns differ. With Dutch orders, and i have seen a lot, i never saw significant differences. The Dutch medal collectors all search for the marks.

    Did you check the cross on top of the crown or the edge of the medal at the 12 o'clock position?



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