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    The following maker marks are found on period Heer/SS war badges produced between 1939-1945

    It should be noted that manufacturers also produced the same badges without any maker marks - therefore, unmarked badges should not be dismissed as originals purely because they are devoid of any maker's marks.

    C E Juncker - Berlin

    Karl Wurster - Markneukirchen

    Friedrich Linden - Ludenscheid

    F.W. Assmann und Söhne - Ludenscheid

    Sohni, Heubach & Co. (S.H.u.C.o.) - Idar-Oberstein a.d. Nahe

    Rudolf Souval - Wien

    Funke & Brüninghaus (F&BL) - Ludenscheid

    Deschler & Sohn - München

    Josef Feix Sohne (JFS) - Gablonz

    Grossmann & Co - Wien

    Förster & Barth - Pforzheim

    E. Ferdinand Wiedmann - Frankfurt

    AGMuK - Gablonz (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Metall und Kunstoff) 1-7

    A.G.M.u.K - Gablonz


    MK or HM

    (debate surrounds the subject of this maker's mark - 'KM' or 'HM'? The schools of thought are; 'H M' for Hauptmunzamt, Munchen - 'K M' for the conglomerate Metalle Kunstoffe, Gablonz)

    Rudolf Karneth (R.K) - Gablonz

    Carl Wild - Hamburg

    Ernst Müller - Pforzheim

    Wilhelm Hobacher (WH) - Wien

    Franke & Co (FCL) - Ludenscheid

    Fritz Zimmermann & Co (FZS) - Stuttgart

    Julius Bauer & Söhne (J B & Co) - Zella-Mehlis / Thüringen


    Frank & Reif - Stuttgart

    Rudolf Richter (RRS) - Schlag

    Hermann Aurich - Dresden

    B.H. Mayer - Pforzheim

    Gustav Brehmer (GB) - Markneukirchen

    Hymmen & Co (H&CL) - Ludenscheid

    Adolf Scholze - Grünwald

    Richard Simm & Söhne - Gablonz

    Gebrüder Wegerhoff (GWL) - Ludenscheid

    Friedrich Orth (F.O.) - Wien

    Brüder Schneider (BSW) - Wien


    Arno Wallpach - Salzburg

    Attributed to Werner Redo - Saarlautern


    If I've missed any, feel free to post.

    Edited by J Temple-West
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    Frank & Reif, Stuttgart. Rare but known makers mark, could be a satellite company. Features in Phil DB's book (not this particular bronze PKA though). Stewy

    12273d1233070067t-marked-unmarked-f-r-panzerkampfabzeichen-_g104092lr (2).jpg

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