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    A small article about the spanish Order of Military Merit


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    I translate today to english a small article I wrote about the spanish Order of Military Merit, reading it, new collectors will understand how to know in what era the award was made, that's not a high level article, but if it helps to someone, I would be pleased.


    My plan is continue writting some articles focused in the collector point of view, so feel free for share ideas about what would be interesting to read there ;)

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    Many thanks for a very interesting and well put together article.

    Looking forward to seeing more

    Many thanks :cheers;


    Hello Larry!

    Thanks for your words, I will update the topic with new articles, next one should be ready in few days ;)

    Best regards


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    Excellent! Can I assume that we can also use some of these same characteristics in dating other Spanish ODM?

    Hello! thanks 922F and Hugh, you can use this information in any spanish order or medal, as crowns and centers were usually a regulation for all decorations, but were some exceptions, as the Order of St. Hermenegildo...I will write something about in the future ;)

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    very nice article, it help me a lot with periods and crowns...  but it starts with "The Order of Military Merit was established by Queen Elizabeth II in 1864" :)

    Best regards



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