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    50 years service cross paperwork

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    I have been raking around again and dug this out, I posted it before on WRF and I am not a fan of wasting bandwidth by double posting but it is a nice thing, at least I think so, not everyones cup of tea though!

    The old boy has the award doc, another doc that is unrelated, the binder contains 3 bits of art hand drawn for him I would think, regardless not too shabby for 50 years of your life!

    It is a large around A3 size.

    Just thought it might be of interest after the post by Nesredep

    Jock :)

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    Hello Jock.

    This is a most interesting group of documents from a large manufacturing outfit which changed its name to that of a mining company in the Ruhr area. I am unsure whether it changed away from manufacturing to mining or just got bigger. It seems that this gentleman celebrated his 50 anniversary of working life and would be going on. A sheet with an opening full of humor and in ryhme with the signatures of all collegues. One wonders how many of them survived the bombing unleashed shortly after the given date or any of the other death dealing war activities.

    Thanks for posting this group.

    Bernhard H. Holst

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    I am just glad it survived as I hope he did. it has all stayed together so it appears to be something he was proud of and the family kept it safe at least until a few years ago. It shall remain safe!

    Jock :)

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