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Help with an unidentified Political Badge

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I know this is the Military Interest Club but maybe someone here can help identify this badge that appears political. It has the Kremlin and CCCP/SSSR and is in Silver marked either 875 or 916 the marks are unclear. I cannot read to see what the mark next to the number is at all.

As you can see it has a Roman XV, so it is the 15th of something. With the SSSR I thought immediately of 1937 or perhaps a badge of the 15th Congress. But it also has the number 1162. It does not appear to have a dot between the 11 and the 62 indicating November 1962. The number is raised through the enamel as part of the base. I thought maybe it was a year. The only think I can find that happened in 1162 was the birth of Genghis Khan.

The circular mark on the reverse appears to be a hammer and sickle, if that helps to date it. Comments are welcome and any help would be appreciated.

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Nice and quite rare badge in silver.

Made in 916 silver and marked (makers mark ?) A.T.Г.

20 mm 35 mm

It was issued to delegates of XV International Physiological Congress that took place in 1935 in Moscow.

Each participant of the Congress got such numbered badge.

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Thanks much on this badge. I have been confused for years. I knew Genghis Khan date was questionable but thought maybe 15 years from 1921 and foundation of Mongolian Peoples Republic. But there were no Mongolian symbols. All is now resolved.

But think about the effort to make individually numbered badges. Incredible.

Thanks again.

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But think about the effort to make individually numbered badges. Incredible.


This firm (most likely your badge was made by firm "ИЗО") wasn`t kidding around :rock on:

Take a look at another badge that they made for another congress.

Again 916 silver, exellent quality of hot enamel, only this time the number is ingraved


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My badge No. 1162 shows indications on the reverse that it was converted from Pinback. There are marks where the pin used to be so the retaining nut would be meaningless to identification of the manufacturer

I found a picture of Pavlov wearing the badge, and giving the opening remarks of the Conference.


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