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We have just experienced a worse than usual spam attack - offering everything from false

documents to forged money. Thanks to Stuka reporting it quickly , we were able to send a

warning to the people involved and have removed it from our pages.

Brian and I would appreciate that you IM should you see any more spam attacks on our

British pages. Mervyn

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We have ...

... Thanks to Stuka reporting it quickly , ....... Mervyn

Nothing to it, just the normal thing to do.

Strange nobody else reported it, as it all ready had 8 hits before I visited it..........



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Gentlemen - on behalf of GMIC may I thankyou for your notification emails. By the time I checked in , the offending

spam had been deleted. The only person who can remove an offending member is our Chairman - and although I

had emailed him yesterday morning, I believe he was away.

I find this particular spam very strange - it has all contact details. Obviously under a false name, but they include phone,

email etc. - I suppose he works on the basis that if 1000 people look and delete - the next one may reply and then he

makes money. The decision to make a Police complaint lies with the Chairman - but, there are several offences being

commited , fraud - deception etc. I am sure enquiries would show an address ? Mervyn

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Stuka - your particular post - in Flemish - could only be dealt with by your authorities.

Our Chairman has advised me that we will not attempt to prosecute because of the difficulties.

Regional Admin. will delete when we see them. Personally, I would like to see more action,

but this is now our policy. These particular spams are quite obviously aimed at all of the

immigrants attempting an invasion of Europe and the UK. Best wishes Mervyn

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Stuka - your particular post - in Flemish - could only be dealt with by your authorities.

...... Best wishes Mervyn

Hey Mervin,

yes of course! That wasn't the reason I posted!

Just mentioned the fact I have the PS, if needed for... any purpose.



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