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    Bayern Dienstauszeichnungskreuz 2. Klasse für 24 Jahre

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    Hello Gentlemen


    I have 2 versions of the Bayern Dienstauszeichnungskreuz 2. Klasse für 24 Jahre.


    The one on the left weighs 15.10g and the one on the right 19.91g and  is much thicker.


    Can anyone tell me the approximate period of manufacture for each of these awards please.


    All thoughts welcome.

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    Hello Alan,

    i know two different kinds of the DA 24 years.

    The darker one is the earlier variation.

    This DA was given since 1876 till 1918.

    There are no markings, so i can't tell you a manufacturer.

    This evening, I will weigth my crosses to compare them with your dates.

    Here a picture of my DA's

    The left cross of your DA's looks not so good. The leaves of the wreath are not good pronounced

    Please show a good picture of the side from the rim.

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    • 1 month later...

    Sorry to say so, Alan, but I think the cross on the right is a recent fake.


    It looks much like the pieces by the infamous raritaetensammlerclub...

    Thanks Saschaw,

    Sad, but a least the one on the left is ok

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