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    Very unusual aircraft badge

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    Chris - no badge is shown . I think the plane is an American Liberator - we had two Squadrons in about 1943/44. The word

    Bliksem on the motto - as you will know since you speak Afrikaans - is part of an expression - "Bliksem se Donner" - I may have

    spelt that wrong. It's simple meaning is Thunder and Lightning - but it can be quite insulting.

    The total of 113 bombing raids is quite amazing - one Squadron was used to support bombing raids into Eastern Europe and

    with this total, the plane could well have been included. We had a number shotdown. Mervyn

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    hi all the saaf had 100 b26 marauders delivered and eventually served with 5 saaf squadrons a saaf b26 was the last aircraft of this type to be lost in combat by any user in ww2 on the 4th of may 1945, saaf b26s initally operated in north africa and finished the war in the italian campaign dubbed the widowmaker due to its high wing loading and high landing speed early in its career went on to be a capable meduim bomber great photo of bliksem by the way the photo is a usaaf b26 i like the bomb aimer/nose gunner having a fag

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