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    Another one of these bloody bugles, total now 4 with the HJ one!

    Well made and has age but missing its mouth piece, had a bit of a ding that has dislodged the nickle silver trim at the neck side but it was cheep and chearful.

    No markings as ever???

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    Hi Jock

    Are the Imperial and latter ones different? what a pity the mouthpiece is missing otherwise its in nice condition in the good old days you could probably find missing bits at flea markets.

    I just sold mine disappointingly I may add, marked 1913 they were and important piece of equipment imo. British vets would tell of the German bugles going off after a bombardment.


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    They seem to be pretty well the same, do you have a picture of your date marking and location of it? if not could you indicate on the picture where it is marked please.

    They don't seem to command much price wise the last two I got cost less than €20.

    No swastika so not much interest?


    Edited by Jock Auld
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