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    Olympic decoration 1st class inquiry

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    Gents, best wishes on the new year. An acquaintance of mine asked me to scan this Olympia Cross 1st class and ask for opinions. Given the missing rivets and the configuration of the loop, I think it's safe to assume it's not an original awarded type. With that said, I believe there is some age attached to this piece and that it initially was gilded bronze (as per given specifications). So could this be a display-piece for i.g. the Olympia arenas or just a fairly good modern fake?

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    Morning, Peter

    As you say, fairly well done.....but still a fake. Lots of things wrong with it; general quality is poor, construction poor, the swas is too small, poor gilding, no rivets...to name a few.

    A side by side by side comparison with an original would show this up for what it is.

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    Thanks John. I've never handled any of these rare pieces, hence comparing images is my only option. I fully realize this piece have major differences compared to any other cross I've seen i.g. loop and rivets. The cross in Niemann's book appears to be a text-book version with hollow rivets and a leaf-pattern on the wreath. On the other hand, the cross in Angolia's book has a correct loop, but the same small swastika, non-existent leaf-pattern and rounded rivets. I've no illusions of "my" cross being an original, I'm merely interested in who might have produced it and more importantly, when.

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    Morning, Peter...

    So, dug out my old copy of Forman's guide, and have to say that the example shown (although not being very clear) does have the correct sized swas and the detailed leaves on the wreath as found on originals.

    As to when your cross was made.....no idea. Best guess...1970's.

    I've put together a quick comparison of an original and your piece to show the differences.

    Hope this helps.

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