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    I have a suspiscion that this may be something important....

    At about this time an order came out that men who had been seriously wounded would get an EK....

    Does anyone have access to the Verfügung of the 9th of Jan 1917?

    maybe, just maybe... this is a long lost piece of a puzzle?

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    I've gone through the 1917 Verordnungsblatt but could not find any item from the Milit. Kabinett with that date.

    However, there are many requests for the current location of EK recipients. As an example, on page 54 article "Nr. 116. Nachforschung nach Inhabern des Eisernen Kreuzes II. Klasse." 31 Januar 1917

    This requests the location of certain NCOs who received the EKII in 1915. The last sentence of the item states:

    "Behufs Ausstellung der für das Militärkabinett bestimmten Auszüge wird um Angabe an Obost ersucht, wo sich die Genannten jetzt befinden."

    This same sentence is used at the end of each of the requests regarding EK recipients, and there does not seem to be any indications that the soldiers were wounded.

    Perhaps we might assume that the Militärkabinett was attempting to document each award of the EK and the fate of the recipients??? Your document seems to fulfill that requirement.

    I'll keep looking for the actual document.


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