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    Alpenkorps - 1.Jägerbataillon - Militaerpass

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    After his training as a Jäger he was transferred on June 30, 1916 to the field-recruit depot of the I. Jäger-Bataillon - Alpenkorps


    He was trained with the G98 and achieved marksmanship class II


    Gasmask size: -3- and dog-tag number: -482-

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    On July 20, 1916 he was sent to the front to serve in the second company of the Bavarian 1.Jäger-Bataillon


    His long list of engagements start on July 21, 1916 at Fleury  and end on Nov.01, 1918 in Serbia. He was awarded the Iron Cross second class on March 16, 1917 a month before his 20th birthday. In May 1917 he received the Bavarian Military Merit Cross third class.

    He served from July 20, 1916 to January 12, 1919 in the 2nd company of the Bavarian 1.Jäger-Bataillon


    Engagement list


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    Details of Combat Engagements


    1916 - Western Front - Fleury - Thiaumond - Argonne


    1916-1917 - Romania


    1917 - Westen Front -  and second time in Romania


    1917 - 1918 - Italian Front


    1918 Western Front - Kemmel - Flanders - Somme


    1918 Serbia

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    On Jan.12, 1919 he was transferred to the MGK (machine-gun company) of the 1.Jäger-Bataillon.


    Then for a short time he joined one of the Bavarian Freikorps units, the 1. Sicherheits-Bataillon


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    Thanks for posting this. I'm continually amazed at these soldiers that made it through multiple war years. You wonder how they held up for so long, both mentally and physically.

    I'd like to have a nickel for every mile he travelled during the war. The rail lines sure got a workout.


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