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    Artillery shell/cart packaging from whicker work (Corb?)

    Jock Auld

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    I am sure these must be quite hard to find just because of what they are made from? 


    A lady visited my wifes shop in Bergen and stated she had a few of these left, found in the cellars of the old slaughter house when they bought it,  she went on to tell me there were 100s of these but luckily she has converted them all into plant holders and sold them over the years?  These are all that she could find still intact.  There must be some quite attractive plant holders out there!  I did see evidence of them all around her property, gutted!

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    Several months ago I literally stumbled on a WWII German wicker box with space for 6 shells inside.  It had all the original painted markings on it and even very thin wooden liners in 3 or 4 of the 6 compartments inside.  I believe it was for morttar shells - does 80mm sound right?  In the corner of a garage which someone uses as a sort of antique shop and in 'as new' condition as far as I could see.  Somebody obviously thought it worth hauling across the Atlantic to Canada after the war, but I'm not sure why.  Interesting but not what I would have grabbed as a souvenir!  Or maybe he/she just wanted a way to pack wine bottles! 

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