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    I have a post-WWI veteran's badge that has a unit bar on "K.B.4.Jäger Bat.". My question is, what is this unit? I am only aware of two wartime Bavarian Jäger battalions, so could this be referring to the 4th battalion of Jäger Regiment Nr.3, which was Bavarian?


    I would have thought that they would have used, "Jäg.Rgt.3" or something like "K.B.IV/3.J.R."



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    Hi Chip!

    Bavaria didn´t had a 4th Jg.Btl., so it must be the IV./Jg.Rgt.3

    The 4th bataillon was formed from the 4th company (I.Btl.) AND the Ersatz-Abteilung AND soldiers of different bavarian Ldw.Inf.Rgt. in the Vosges (Vogesen)

    The 4th company (I.Btl.) was bavarian too.

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    That makes more sense. I had thought that these badges were postwar, but now, I'm not so sure. I have three more of them and the other Bavarian foot troops example (K.B.13.I.R.) has the same Raupenhelm insignia. Thanks for putting more thought to it!



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