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Confirmation about Order and Class


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Hi all,


I'm posting a photo of a breast Star (indicated with a Red Arrow) that I have identified as that of the Japanese Order of the Rising Sun : Am I correct ?


(I'm pretty sure it is NOT the breast Star of the Order of Paulownia Flowers and/or of the Order of the order of the Chrysanthemum)


If I'm correct, which Class is it ? 


If you need to know who is the person that wears this Breast Star, simply ask.


Many thanks in advance for your help





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  I have identified as that of the Japanese Order of the Rising Sun : Am I correct ?




Yes, you are correct.



If you need to know who is the person that wears this Breast Star, simply ask.




It would be nice to see the whole photo :whistle: 

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Hello JapanX,


many thanks for the prompt answer !


Which Class represent this Breast star ?


(As I have not the property of this photo I cannot post it in the open forum (Sorry :blush: ) but I can say you that He is Pietro BADOGLIO of the Italian Army.)


I asked the information on behalf of the person who held the original photo and that don't speak English.




Many Thanks




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On the left side of the chest = 1st class

On the right chest = 2nd class


OK, Many Thanks !


So the Breast Star is identical in size for both the 1st and 2nd classes and as Badoglio is wearing it on his right chest, He received the 2nd class : Am I correct about my entire statement ?

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  • 11 months later...

It's not exactly...

The left=1° and right=2° is the correct order but only if the awarded guy is a japanese soldier.

So it's true ONLY if we are looking at japanese people.

Foreigners who wear decorations are subordinated to respective local regulations (different by country), and Italian and german soldiers wear national orders on the left and others (foreigners) orders on their right chest.

Well, I don't know which Class Badoglio was awarded to, but it's sure that Badoglio wears the Japanese Rising Sun Cross on the right for both 1° or 2° class, simply because this was the italian way.

Finally, to understand the Order's class by chest position of the star is absolutely possible but only for Japanese people, and NOT for strangers.

If you want to looking for, on the web there is a picture of Rommel with the Star of the Gran Cross of the italian Crown.

Order was in first class but Rommel wears it on the right, 'cause the left side was reseved to german awards.


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Hello Danny,

thanks so much and you are right !

I continued my search about the Rising Sun class awarded to Badoglio and I discovered that he received the : '1st Class Grand Cordon', so what you have written is extremely correct !



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