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Book on the medals for new military operations

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A few weeks ago I decided to upgrade work on the medals for new military operations (peacekeeping, humanitarian, campaign, etc.) and do it in English
The idea is to include the updated and official legislation, whenever possible, of all known.
Where appropriate an electronic translation for those countries that do not have in English
Any help or contribution to achieving these laws (include a better translation) or pictures is always welcome
The front and reverse images of the medals at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi
This document permanently available at the following link:

Thanks for your help

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A new update this week

Some rules added and also images

Please help me to obtain images  (obverse and reverse) of:

Police Overseas Service Medal (POSM)
General Service Medal
Medal for participation in Operations
Gulf and Kuwait Medal, Somalia Medal, South-West Asia Service Medal (SWASM), General Campaign Star–ALLIED FORCE (GCS-AF), General Campaign Star–SOUTH-WEST ASIA (GCS-SWA), General Campaign Star–EXPEDITION (GCS-EXP), General Service Medal–ALLIED FORCE (GSM-AF), General Service Medal–SOUTH-WEST ASIA (GSM-SWA), General Service Medal–EXPEDITION (GSM-EXP), Operational Service Medal–South-West Asia (OSM-SWA), Operational Service Medal–Sierra Leone (OSM-SL), Operational Service Medal–Haiti (OSM-H), Operational Service Medal–Sudan (OSM-S), Operational Service Medal–HUMANITAS (OSM-HUM), Operational Service Medal–EXPEDITION (OSM-EXP), Special Service Medal (SSM), Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal (CPSM).
Czech Republic
Medaille ministra obrany Za službu v zahanicí (všeobecná, operace KFOR, mise EF, operace SFOR, operace ISAF, mise Irák, bojová mise)
Cestný pametní odznak Za službu míru
Pametní odznak 7. polní nemocnice
Pametní odznak Vojenské Policie – Irák
Pametní odznak Speciálních sil mise Enduring Freedom z Afghánistánu
Medalla al Mérito por Servicios Distinguidos en Operaciones de Paz. 
Forsvarets Medalje. 
Forsvarets Medalje for International Tjeneste
Redningsberedskabets Medalje. 
FN-Soldaterforeningen De Blå Baretters Fredsprismedalje.
Päästeameti Missioonimedal.
Medal for the Ethiopian United Nations Mission to the Congo.  
Medal for Peacekeeping Operations.
General Service Medal.
Kansainvälisen palveluksen mitali. 
Medal "Peacekeeping Operations" 
Einsatzmedaille bronze, silver and gold
Békefenntartásért Szolgálati Jel. 
EU/EBSZ/ENSZ/NATO Szolgálati Érdemérem. 
Videsh Seva Medal (and clasps). 
Special Service Medal (and clasps). 
An Bonn Chosantóirí Siochána na Náisiún Aontaite / United Nations Peacekeepers Medal..
An Réalt Míleata / Military Star.
Icelandic Crisis Response medal.
Croce donore alle vittime di atti di terrorismo o di atti ostili impegnate in operazioni militari e civili allestero. 
Medaglia commemorativa per la partecipazione ai soccorsi in Umbria e Marche.
Medaglia commemorativa per la partecipazione ad operazioni di soccorso alle popolazioni colpite da pubbliche calamitá. 
Medaglia commemorativa per le operazioni di soccorso alle popolazioni colpite dal sisma del 1976 (Friuli).
Medaglia commemorativa per le operazioni di soccorso alle popolazioni colpite dal sisma del 1980 (Campania-Basilicata).
Medaglia di Benemerenza al personale intervenuto per lemergenza Etna 1991 1992.
Memorial ribbons
Medalja pjesëmarrje në Operacione ndërkombëtare / Medalja Ucestvovanje u medunarodnim operacijama.
NBS pieminas medala “Par piedaliÅ¡anos starptautiskajas operacijasâ€. 
Nopelnu zime “Par ieguldijumu starptautiskajas misijas un operacijasâ€
Medalis “Už tarptautines misijasâ€.
Medalje për pjesëmarrje në operacione humanitare ose paqeruajtëse jashtë territorit të Republikës së Maqedonisë.
Medalia „Pentru Misiuni Umanitare si de Mentinere a Paciiâ€.
Crucea Misiunilor Internationale.
Afghanistan Memorial Medal
Africa Memorial Medal
Iraq Memorial Medal
Médaille commemorative de la campagne de Zaïre.
Paradesha Seva Padak.
Médaille des théâtres d’opérations extérieures.
Forsvarets medalje for internasjonale operasjoner.
Forsvarets Operasjonsmedaljen (Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Active Endeavour, Iraq medal, Lithuania, Sudan, Lebanon, Chad, Somalia, Libya)
Politiets medalje for internasjonal tjeneste.
Gwiazdy Afganistanu
Gwiazdy Iraku.
Gwiazdy Konga. 
Gwiazdy Czadu. 
Gwiazdy Morza Sródziemnego. 
Gwiazda Zalog Lotniczych. 
Emblema de merit „În Slujba Paciiâ€. 
Emblema de merit „Actiuni Umanitareâ€. 
Emblema de merit „În Slujba Paciiâ€, Aviatie. 
Emblema de merit „În Slujba Pacii†„Umanitareâ€, Jandarmeriei. 
Emblema de merit „Umanitareâ€, Politia. 
Foreign Campaign Medal (FCM).
Peacekeeping Medal (PKM).
Vojna spomen-medalja za uceÅ¡ce u multinacionalnim operacijama na opÅ¡tim i logistickim dužnostima. 
Medaila “Za službu v mierových misiách Armády Slovenskej Republikyâ€.
Vojenská medaila Za službu v mierových pozorovatelských misiách.
Vojenská medaila Za humanitárnu pomoc.
Vojenská medaila Pamätná medaila za úcast vo vojenskej operácii.
Medalja v službi miru.
Trinidad and Tobago
Humanitarian Service Medal.
United Kingdom
South Atlantic Medal. 
Gulf Medal. 
Operational Service Medal (Sierra Leone).
Operational Service Medal (Afghanistan).
Operational Service Medal (Democratic Republic of Congo).
Iraq Medal. 
Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal (IRSM). 
Civilian Service Medal (Afghanistan). 
Accumulated Campaign Service Medal. 
Accumulated Campaign Service Medal 2011 (ACSM 11). 
Medal for participant of the peacekeeping operation in Transnistria
OSCE High Level Planning Group Medal. 
OSCE Medal. 
Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH) Medal.
African Union Medals
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If no one steps forward, I can help in regards to the following Canadian medals; Gulf and Kuwait Medal, Somalia Medal, Special Service Medal, Canadian General Service Medal (South west Asia) and Canadian Peacekeeping Medal. 


I am currently out of town and do not have access to them.

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If no one steps forward, I can help in regards to the following Canadian medals; Gulf and Kuwait Medal, Somalia Medal, Special Service Medal, Canadian General Service Medal (South west Asia) and Canadian Peacekeeping Medal. 


I am currently out of town and do not have access to them.


Thank you

I have the images of the web http://www.cmp-cpm.forces.gc.ca/dhr-ddhr/index-eng.asp

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