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  1. If you cannot post photos, something I have not figured out yet. Please post the exact naming details. Personally, I may well be interested in any to Canadians, as I collect CEF medals.
  2. My personal opinion, Certainly leave it as it currently is. Just preserve it to avoid any further deterioration. It is a very nice piece, you are lucky to have it.
  3. Peter, Where did you get idea this man was awarded the Military Cross? I am not trying to be a smart arse, just I looked in the Canadian Gazette and found nothing, also the Honours and awards search through LAC showed no return, nor do I see mention of a Military Cross on the CVWM site for this man. I found a photo of his headstone and it makes no reference to the Military Cross either.
  4. I have a copy of this book, I have had it for quite sometime. IIRC mine is a paperback. Honestly Cannot recall too much about it at all.
  5. I think we have all been there, hit on the wrong medal then realize it moments later. I will happen again you know. Every medal tells a story of a life lived. I have been quite surprised at some things that have come up. Both are keepers in my mind.
  6. Peter, I find what you say about the 41st Bn CEF most intriguing. I have a self awarded trio to a man of the 41st. The BWM as you well know should be his only entitlement. The trio I have is mounted as worn, and sure seems to have seen a lot of use.
  7. M.F.P. is Military Foot Police. Here is the link to ordering his Medals index card. Other that this, I am unable to help further. http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/results/r?_fn=&_ln=&_no=p10712&_crp=&_ttl=&discoveryCustomSearch=true&_cr1=WO+372&_dt=M&_col=200&_hb=tna
  8. They are certainly collectors, but after reading that post about hacking off the boobs of a female torso, I am starting to wonder just what type of collectors they are. LMAO Actually it was a miltaria collectors group where one of the members was offering for sale, some female torso mannequins he mentioned you could hack off the boobs and use them as male displays. A couple of us had some fun with him and at my suggestion he changed the wording for Hack off to "Remove"
  9. LOL I commented a couple hours ago on a FB post about this same topic. Hacking the boobs off a female torso. (dummy of course)
  10. Mike, I never said the Ghost dates were rare. I said it was a very very nice example of one. If I gave the impression that they were rare, I am sorry, it was no my intent. I do like the additional information you provided as to numbers struck, including clasps and costs. The cost of 21,700 Pounds, that includes the medals and clasps combined? I have only one QSA/KSA pair in my collection, but I have just inked a deal on a single QSA with bar 1901 to the RAMC. Also included is a single BWM to the same man but named to him in the 95-CAN.INF.
  11. I have seen more and more similar photos recently. Based on the "error or mistake" I think these must be Photoshop.
  12. The first piece is a French commemorative medallion. As it stated it commemorates 40th anniversary of the Battle at Dunkirk ( British and commonwealth forces evacuation) and the 35th anniversary of the Liberation of Dunkirk.
  13. TacHel, have allowances been made for you to return your SSM and be issued a new version? I know in regards to my GSM (an early Boyd Bond version), I was given the option to return it and get a newer minted one as a replacement at no charge to me.
  14. Now this is outstanding. So much in a single BWM. I am after a single to the 9th C.M.R. you have a very nice one here.
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