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    Luftwaffe, Forestry Officials Bayonet.

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    • 3 months later...

    They are beautiful bayonets, here's mine by Alex Coppel. Matching number 156 on blade and scabbard. The scabbard is not painted but chemically blackened.

    It also has the Ch.A.W. marking which interferes a little with the popular opinion that these were made by Chromolit Anton Wingen.

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    I've never seen one that didn't have stag grip slabs. Unlike most KS98 the quality is top notch on both sides.

    There are not to the best of my knowledge any pictures of this particular sidearm in wear, if anyone has any I'd love to see them.

    I put this one up on GDC and eventually got the thumbs up as it has a Luft WaffentAmpt on the tang. Most are marked Waffen Losche, Houston Coates has seen an Eickhorn and here's a Coppel jumping.gif

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    I remember that piece, it's still awesome! I have yet to get one of these nice bayonets, the prices on them has risen quite steadily but their apparent quality keeps me in the hunt.


    A beautiful piece as well, congrats.

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    • 12 years later...
    Guest gerrit

    I know this is an old post but i hope Jim is still around as i would love to see the other side of the ricasso of his Alcoso Knife.

    Recent developments indicate that Ch.A.W.might be a different abbreviation then the assumed Chromolit Arthur Wingen.

    And whats even more interesting i would like to see the luftwaffe acceptance stamp on the tang underneath the gripplates.

    If anyone has these pictures and is willing to post or provide them or can get me in contact with Jim i would be very grateful.

    Kind regards,


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    • 5 months later...

    A closer look at the forestry bayonet, and its markings, that started this thread.








    Unit mark to crossguard:



    Letter "H" stamped into spine.



    On a closer look, and nearly missed...the following maker marks on the frog stud which I take to be for the maker and supplier of the scabbard + a Roman numeral 3, I think.







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