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    Please Help evaluate Verdienstorden vom Deutschen Adler 5th class, fake?

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    A group supposedly belonging to a mid-upper level Bulgarian diplomat includes this Verdienstorden vom Deutschen Adler 5th class insignia.  The group comprises a Croatian Zvonimir civil commander,and an Italian Roman Eagle lst type commander [both appear to be original based on hallmarks] a British George VI coronation medal [!] + a Bulgarian Civil Merit Grand Officer set, a St Alexander civil commander, two Bulgarian merit medals, & a non-combatant WW I medal.   Other awards may accompany this lot, the vendor claims not to have yet seen the whole group.

    I know nothing about the German Eagle Order insignia except that it has been repeatedly faked.

    This piece has slightly vaulted enamel on the cross and the number "25" stamped on the ring.   Vendor says the "25" mark exactly matches one on an Iron Cross shown imaged below.   "25" apparently may signify manufacture by either Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Graveur-Gold-und Silberschmiede-Innungen Hanau or A.E. Kochert of Vienna.  The gammadion crosses under the eagles have well defined edges but unequal amounts of white enamel between cross 'legs'.   It measures 45 mm across the Maltese cross points, no marks on fan & no "900" fineness mark. 

    Images of insignia detail follow.  Could anyone please advise me whether this is a known type of genuine or fake insignia?


    Another somewhat questionable issue regarding this provenance occurs to me -- if this individual had neck badges from other Axis powers, why a 5th class German Eagle Order?


    geof 001.jpg

    geof2 001.jpg

    similar 25 stamp.jpg


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    Not bad an attempt, but still IMO a fake. Godet in Berlin made the fanned type in silver (21 on the ring), although pieces is bronze were claimed to have been found in the remnants of the Zimmermann factory fire. A recently offered Sonderstufe was also claimed to be produced by yet another producer (Rath in Munich if I remember correctly), but with no real evidence to support this statement.

    Due to the upgrade of this forum, I still haven't figured out how to post an image, hence I can't help you with a comparison image. The major differences are:

    Wrong design of the heads, wrong design on the ball-attachment, pointy shape of the fan, missing outer feathers on top of the feathers, missing "ribbon" between the claws, incorrect "ribbon" below the swastika, wrong swastika design. The markings should always be positioned on the reverse, where the eagles are facing the right.




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    • 3 months later...

    Thank you Peter, clearly the item offered to me with this lot lacks the attention to detail you mention & illustrate and seems to be of much poorer quality. 

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