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Panzer-Lehr-Division Soldbuch & Citations

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I've been holding off from posting anything until after the Forum upgrade has concluded but I decided that I would post this set. It is a Soldbuch and Citation group to a soldier who served in the Panzer-Lehr-Division as a Pionier.

The Soldbuch was opened in August 1942 to a soldier who spent the war serving as a Pionier. After training he was assigned to 2./Pionierlehrbataillon 4 and then in 1943/44 he joined Pz.Pi.Lehrbataillon which eventually became Panzer-Pionier-Lehrbataillon 130 of the newly formed Panzer-Lehr-Division.
The division was under the command of Fritz Bayerlein and from May 1944 was assigned to 7. Armee in Normandy.
Ingo Struwe fought in Normandy with 1./Pz.Pi.Lehr-Btl 130 and was awarded the EK II during July 1944 with the citation being signed by Fritz Bayerlein and the Assault Badge in September. He was still with Pz.Lehr-Division during the Battle of the Bulge and was awarded the Close Combat Clasp in Bronze in January 1945.
He survived the war so probably went into captivity with the rest of the division when it was surrounded in the Ruhr Pocket.




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The set also comes with around 12 photos of Struwe and his comrades, a selection of which are shown here. One of them shows Struwe wearing his Pi.Lehrbataillon 4 Waffenrock clearly showing the '4' on the epaulette button and the 'L 2' embroidered cyphers while another shows him in a gray wrapper with his Assault Badge.

' alt='' class='ipsImage' >Struwe013.thumb.jpg.025d645d50aef74cae67

' alt='' class='ipsImage' >

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