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    imperial mum on saki cup


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    hi all just a question re this saki cup I believe this is the official version of  imperial mum used by the Japanese royal family it has what looks like a silver mark on the base of the cup as well as an inscription around the outside edge but the photography is not the best was wondering if this makes it some type of official presentation thanks  

    saki (2).jpg

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    The imperial mum cups (both silver and wood) as well as the kiri leaves cups were officially awarded in the Medals of Honor category. There were 5 sizes of silver mum cups, and sets of 3 as well as single cups were given. Many specific details are in my ebook on Medals of Honor (shameless plug). Here is a section detailing some who received the silver mum cups:

    1 Someone who has exhibited long years of public service, but has done nothing extraordinary that would merit a medal. For example, one who has been a priest in a temple for many years, one who has been involved in education for a long time, etc.

    2 Someone who has received a medal and then done something afterwards that was distinguished but not special enough to warrant a step in rank to the next higher medal.

    3 Someone who was involved in a special event. For example, Olympic gold medalists and Nobel Prize winners will receive a silver cup award. In addition, people involved in the contruction of major public projects (dams, bridges, tunnels, etc) often receive silver cups upon completion. 

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    this is the reverse of the cup apologies for the poor photos i discovered that taking photos of the reverse of silver cups is difficult part of a fairly large japanese collection that has come on the market here in new zealand if anyone can see a date it would be appreciated



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    In commemoration of the new 1947 National Constitution. Nice find!

    The constitution was officially approved in 1947, but it was drafted earlier. I wonder who would've received this…

    Because of the inscription, we can be sure that this would not have been awarded under the Medals of Honor system as I mentioned earlier.

    WIKIPEDIA: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constitution_of_Japan

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