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    I found a Hauptmann Elster AND a Stabsarzt Dr. Bingler in Inf.Rgt.79 (source: Ehrenrangliste)

    The Madine-Lager seemed to be somewhere in Lorraine:


    The 20th Division was in Cambrai these days, but it came to the Woevre sector in april 1918.

    A soldier of the Landwehr-Fußartillerie-Bataillon 30 died in the Madine-Lager


    That bataillon belonged to Armee-Abt. C (26.8.16-11.9.18 Trench battles between Maas and Mosel - later Woevre sector too)

    there was not a great distance between Maas, Mosel and Bouillonville (1) and the Lake Madine

    Maybe that helps a little bit...



    Screenshot (125).png

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    hello Chris,

    I think it is the regimental staff of Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 259.

    Major Bruns was commander from 27.01.1918 until 23.07.1918.

    The Regiment was part of the 78. Reserve-Infanterie-Division, which was in the

    Lorraine area in March 1918.

    best reagrds


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