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    Lineol Recce Armoured Car

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    Not sure where to post this?

    Was having a poor day at the markets until I got this for €5 on my last look round, even sweeter was the fact that there were only a handful of stands and I passed a dealer half way round going in the opposite direction and he missed it.

    It is pretty cool as toys go, you can even fire match sticks out of the cannon.

    Jock :)






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    Its 1930s or early 40s.

    I found one on ebay I will ahve a look at what it went for as it ended today.

    Edit just had a look and it went for €595, outrageous! (Item number:400901313500).


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    Jock  -  I'm not surprised at the price  -  it must be a very rare item.  German tin toys have always commanded a premium, and this has the advantage of WW2.  If you have the chance at any tin toys - from say 1915 back  -  then try to buy.  There is a big market in the US and in Britain.  Mervyn

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