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    Local Boy KIA 1944 Sturmgeschütz Richtschütze

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    This young was lad killed quite late in the war.  There is not much on his unit (911 Sturmgeschütz Bn) in Lexicon, anyone have any more info on the unit or if he has a registered grave?

    Kevin I know you are good with the Volksbund?

    Thanks for any assistance, it would be nice to give the family some more info if at all possible.



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    Hello Jock.

    The book "Sturmartillerie Fels in der Brandung" by G. Tornau and F. Kurowski which can be considered a reference book, does not list a Sturmgeschuetz Abteilung nor Brigade with the number 911 . I have another book somewhere in the wreck of my "library", will have a look see.

    I was unable to locate W.v.Hoersten in the Volksbund files but am unable to apply the o/umlaut.

    Sad about the length of time until the family received notification of his death as expressed in his death notice.

    Bernhard H. Holst

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    Thanks for the tip if I see that book I will add it to the library.  Yes it is a shame about the time lapse and I have most of his feldpost here and there is a point where he is reported as not there return to sender, then missing and ultimately fallen.  I doubt that he will have a registered grave as if he were killed in his vehicle it is likely burned out and he too incinerated, I hope at least it was quick.  There is reference to the unit which I tracked via  the feldpost number and it is listed in lexicon  der wehrmacht.  Apart from that I have nothing else to hang my hat on.  On a plus note his brother survived the war safely in Norway, his post has also survived.  I inquired today about any other surviving paperwork but they rebuilt the family house in the 60s and much of their property was cleared out to make way for new items.  I was hoping to find something from the sister (Stabshilferine) but no go sadly.

    Edited by Jock Auld
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    Unfortunately I can't find anyone with that name in the Volksbund although I did find a Karl von Hörsten (Born 27 Jan 1919 in Hörsten) as having been killed 23 Sept 1944 - brother perhaps?. I don't see his brother's name on the Memorial Card either but by the time that was issued he would of been dead anyway so maybe they left his name off or maybe he was a cousin so wasn't mentioned.

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    Taken from the Sturmgeschütze vor website...


    Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 911
    Sturmgeschütz-Brigade 911 (Feb 44)
    Heeres-Sturmartillerie-Brigade 911 (Dec 44)

    Feb 43 - formed at Neiße and later transferred to Jüterbog, with three batteries
    Mar 43 - 1./911 detached to Corsica/Sardinia and replaced
    Mid-Mar 43 - transferred to the Kharkov-Poltava area of Russia
    Jul 43 - XXXXVIII Panzer Corps, 4th Panzer Army, Army Group South (22 StuG III and 9 StuH 42)
    Jul 43 - 25 vehicles operational and 12 under repair
    Jan 44 - assigned to XXXXVII Panzer Corps, 8th Army, Army Group South, Kirovograd
    Jun 44 - Sixth Army, Army Group South Ukraine (Kishniev)
    Aug 44 - XXXXIV Corps, Sixth Army, Army Group South Ukraine; destroyed in Romania and reformed at Lüneberg (Lohburg) with 3 StuG batteries and one Infanterie-Begleit Batterie
    Dec 44 - assigned to Führer-Grenadier-Brigade (Cottbus) after rebuilding with 34 StuGs
    Jan 45 - attached to Führer-Grenadier Brigade with three batteries (10 StuGs each)

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    With apologies I must correct my above post which states that the book by G. Tornau and F.Kurowski does not mention the Stug.Abt.Brigade 911. Hucks216/Kevin's post about the unit made me review the contents again. The unit became a Grossdeutschland ( Fuehrer Grenadier Brigade) component towards the end of the war. My omission was caused by the summary contained in the book which lists the unit numbers in a way that could lead one to believe number 911 did not exist. A write up in the book states that the brigade during the time span April to August 1944 was subordinated to the 168, 258, 282 Inf.Divisions, also 4.Geb.Div. and 2. Fallsch.. One author, G. Tornau of this  book was a recipient of the Knights Cross late in the war while commander of the brigade, now part of Fuehrer Grenadier Brigade.

    Bernhard H. Holst

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