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    some medals, opinions please

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    I think they are all ok, late war zincers?

    There are a couple of differences on the hardware but I am sure they are within range of what is found.

    I don't collect different makers so I don't pay as much attention to the reverse as I should.

    The L10 is very crisp and a good looking badge the F.O. looks a bit out of proportion when you look at the wreath on the left compared to the right side?


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    Working off of the amount of material that is left between the head and wreath, and the style of hinge and catch would lead me to think the GAB is a B. H. Mayer. 1.12.2 Mayer hollow GAB, to be exact, according to Frank Heukemes GAB book.






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    Thanks Jock,

    and yes all the badges are zincers. The f.o. is ok but light vaulted

    so I couldnt make a better picture.

    Thanks Larry for determining the GAB to B.H. Mayer.

    I love this forum an the the friendly and expert advice from our members.

    Very much appreciated !


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