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    Can you ID this?

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    Any idea what this is? Obviously RAF and crudely cast brass, Quite big at approx 100mm by 100mm so wouldn't fit on a cap.

    Came from my next door neighbour and belonged to her late husband's brother who was stationed in India during WW2. At the war's close he and a friend meant to fly to Australia but they never made it. Apparently no one knew what happened. His belongings were sent back to relatives which is how it has ended up here.

    I'd guess a locally made souvenir but can't find examples on t'tinternet. 

    Thanks in advance.




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    Did he serve in Iraq too? This has the look of an (unofficial) Assyrian Levies badge. They acted rather like RAF Regiment in defending the airstrips.


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    I can't agree that this is Assyrian Levies, as their badge has kindjal style knives/swords, not the closed hilt that these are.  The sword style is fairly Indian - a somewhat exaggerated tulwar style IMO.   I'd guess it was a tourist piece made up, with hundreds of others, for sale to the servicemen stationed in or passing through India.  Interesting that the maker chose to add the RAF badge.  

    It may be that there were local employees or even a security unit attached to an Indian RAF base, though I'd expect something a little more restarined for even a semi-official badge.  Or, it may simply ave been that there were a large number of RAF types shopping in the bazaar where this was made.  An interesting puzzle! 


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    No firm opinions yet , I just thought it had an Iraqi (Assyrian) look about it.

    But another possible avenue could be 159 Squadron RAF who served in British India during WW2 - as they had a peacock's head as their squadron emblem (which the  sword pommels also appear to be).

    Whatever it is, I think we are agreed on it being locally produced tat (not an official unit badge). 


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    Hi, I am inclined to agree with Mr Monahan and would also suggest India.  The whole item looks sand cast including the RAF cap badge and if I were to guess at its use, I would suggest that it is possibly an RAF volunteer station band badge either worn on a turban or used as a plaid badge???  Most of the larger RAF bases had volunteer bands etc and would have insignia made up in Station Workshops or in the local markets.  If it was on E Bay for sale, I would certainly have a crack at it regardless of what it is.  A nice unusual item!!

    Cheers Michael r


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