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    Help to identify a nice star


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    This is, if I recall correctly, a Military Instructor/Teachers Badge from the Iraqi Military Academy or similar - probably dating from the mid-1960 onwards . There are I recall earlier posts on this badge. It is definitely not an order, decoration or medal.

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    This is an Al Bakir University Star which was awarded between 1976-2003 to the distinguished students in Al Bakir University for Military Higher Studies.

      There are two types of Al Bakir Stars.

    1 -  Italian Made higher quality),used between 1976-1991.

    2 - Iraqi Made (used after 1991).

    The only difference is the center disc of which the Italian one is better made and higher quality.

    This center disc can also be found on a leather pocket hanger which was awarded to officers who graduated from the university. It was 

    used from 1980-2003 although it has been seen still being worn to date.

      This information can be found in the first book I published in February 2011 titled" Iraqi Militaria,Identification Guide with Translations" on page 124-125.

      Below is a picture from 2009 showing the leather hanger being worn.


    Al Bakir badge 2009.jpg

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