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    It could be a three, but that doesn't make sense with this state cockade. If I saw the cockade by itself, I would say it was Baden, but that doesn't appear to be correct either. The cockade looks like an officer or Portepee NCO type, yet this fellow is not even a Gefreiter. If the strap truly only has the number "3", then the only other possibility I can think of is that he is Bavarian. But then, how to explain the crown shoulder button? Lots of questions with this one.

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    #1- I'm pretty sure that is an Abzeichentuch collar (look at the smooth surface as compared to the body of the tunic.

    #2 - I know the Bavarians used the crown buttons on the Bluse, but that button is not a M15 button, but is rather a white metal example as would have been worn on the previous model Waffenröcke. I'm attaching a picture of a comparison of the two. These are the smaller, shoulder strap, hip pocket size buttons. The M15 has a larger crown that covers the button side to side, is painted feldgrau and has no raised rim. The M07 button is the opposite, that is, with smaller crown, with rim and in this case, most likely in white metal (pioneers). It's not regulation, but it is what it is.


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