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    BWM - Major M.J.J. Sweetman - 2/Worcesters attd. 2/Dorsets - Commanding Officer, D.O.W. Ctesiphon 1915 - Nephew of 2nd President of Sinn Fein

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    Just bought this here in the states.  Paid $60.  Quite a story.  

    Medal - British War Medal

    Naming - Major M.J.J. Sweetman

    Information - 

    DOB - 1864
    Name - Michael James Joseph Sweetman
    Religion - Catholic
    Date of Death - 27/11/1915
    Age - 51
    Rank - Major
    Unit - 2/Worcestershire Regiment attd. 2/Dorsetshire Regiment.
    Cemetery - Kut War Cemetery
    Awards- 3x M.I.D. (WWI)
    Son of - Michael James Sweetman / Margaret Powell
    From - Lamberton Park, Queens Co., Ireland
    Prior Service - South African War (m.i.d.) (entitled QSA, bars Wittebergen, Cape Colony,Transvaal and KSA, two bars)
    D.O.W. - 27/11/15 from wounds sustained several days earlier at Battle of Ctesiphon (22-24, Nov)
    M.I.D. - L/G - 5.4.1916, 13.7.1916
    Educated - Downside, London University, Sandhurst
    Retired - prior to WWI 
    1914 - Returned to the colors (Worcestershire Regt.)
    1914 - Wounded and M.I.D. in Flanders at Polygon Wood in October (entitled 1914 Star and Bar, Victory Medal)

    Attached - 2/Dorset Regt for Persian Gulf Expedition (2ND in command)
    Became Commanding Officer of 2/Dorsetshire when Major, Acting Lt.Col. Radcliffe was wounded
    Led successful attacks on Turkish Redoubts during Battle of Ctesiphon.

    2/Dorset was one of only 3 British Line Regiments at Ctesiphon.
    Mortally wounded during Battle.
    Died 3 days later.

    2nd Oldest person buried at Kut War Cemetary.
    16th Earliest Date of Death in Kut War Cemetary.

    Major Sweetman had three sisters ... all published authors (2 novelists and a Poet).

    His brother-in-law was Egerton Castle... author, swordsmen, captain of the epee and saber team at the 1908 Olympics

    His uncle was John Sweetman ... one of the founders of and 2nd President of Sinn Fein.

    The Sweetman family were brewers but sold their brewery to Guinness in 1893.


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    Yes, I am hoping so.  Would be a QSA/KSA (Captain, Worcesters) and a 14 star/bar and victory medal with M.I.D.

    Also, if anyone has a copy of "Downside in the War 1914-1918" I would love to know.  There is an entry on Major Sweetman which includes a picture.  I may buy the book but if I can secure some scans instead that would probably do.

    Not sure how the medal ended up in New Jersey.  It is missing its suspension bar which has been replaced by simple ring that must have been used to wear it on a chain.  But I can't imagine who would have done this as he was unmarried and had no children.  One of his sister's perhaps?

    He did have family in the USA.  His cousin (the Sinn Fein founder's son) lived in Currie, Minnesota and worked with the Minnesota Irish Immigration Association.

    Any other info anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.



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    Contacted a book seller in Australia that had a copy of "Downside and the War".  They gratuitously agreed to scan the pages on Major Sweetman for me.  Now I have a picture of my man.  The write up on him includes some new information including:

    1.  Gruesome details of his mortal wound.  He was shot in the groin leading his men at Ctesiphon.  Despite his injury he stayed with them.  He was evacuated after the battle on a hospital ship on the Tigris but died before they reached Kut.

    2.  He was put up for the D.S.O. three times.  All were downgraded to M.I.D. 

    sweetman2_resized (2).jpg

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