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    Hohenlohe - Order of the Phoenix Register

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    I have drifted away from my usual focus of Arab awards and have purchased attributable miniatures to a Mr. A. De Boinville. As can be seen from the illustration the French awards remain, Legion of Honour and the Decoration of Fidelity of the National Guard, but the badge of the Order of the Phoenix is missing. Whilst in due course it would be nice to acquire a miniature, I suspect that it will take time, patience and money, to obtain one of these most attractive and scarce awards - see image c/o Morton & Eden. In the meantime I write to enquire whether the rolls of the Order of the Phoenix exist and if so whether de Boinville is noted. Accompanying the miniatures is a bestowal document for the Legion of Honour dated 1822 as well as his election letter to the British Royal Geographical Society in 1853. It appears he was working at the French War Ministry and possibly in the mid-1830's moved to the United Kingdom.

    With thanks to anyone who can assist or point me in the right direction.







    Boinville A.jpg


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    Dear IXHS,

    Many thanks for this information - I will write and see if I can find out if they have a list to refer to.

    I attach some more images of the order - a most attractive piece.

    Again thank you,


    Phoenix A.jpg



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