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    WW1 3 Place Mini Medal Bar - 5th Aug - 22nd Nov 1914

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    Hello Paul,


    they came from the same seller at the Waffenbörse Kassel here in Germany. The seller came from the UK and the Bord with the Medal Bars were labeld "Unknown soldiers"


    Yes tobad that they are not named - but i realy like them both.





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    Stefan, you have a mini 1914 Star trio with clasp, usually known as a Mons bar. The clasp was earned (by memory) by men who were within range of enemy fire from 5/8/14 to 26/11/14. The soldier didn't have to have been in action at Mons to earn it and I believe the full size bar had to be applied for by men who survived the war, whereas those to casualties were automatically posted to the next of kin.

    The quality isn't much cop but I suppose it depended on how much cash an ex soldier had spare and wanted to spend on his minis. A pic of a set I have to an officer is below, this soldier obviously had more money to spend.


    Forgot to mention, this link explains a little about the medals http://www.1914-1918.net/soldiers/themedals.html

    Mini trio.jpg

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    Memory like a sieve
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    Thank you very much Tony! 

    I will look on the linked Website Quick as possible. 


    Its always nice to see when someone survived that horrible war. My great grandfather startet 1914 as Unteroffizier an in 1916 he lost his leg. He was shot and a couple weeks Later he lost his leg in Hospital. 





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