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    General Service Medal Clasp Questions

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    Hi guys!

    I'm starting to collect British General Service Medals that have clasps pertaining to operations in the Middle East and S.E Asia.

    I made my first purchase (which I will post on this forum upon its arrival!:D), however, I am curious to know the rarity of these clasps and the amount that were awarded (if applicable)

    - Persian Gulf 1909-1914

    - N.W Persia

    - S Persia

    - Kurdistan

    - N Kurdistan

    - Iraq

    - Southern Desert Iraq

    - South Arabia/Arabian Peninsula

    - Rafdan

    - Dhofar

    And feel free to fill in on other claps as well

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     A GSM with NW Persia clasp to a Captain, Royal Artillery.  Only 11 RA officers received this as a single clasp.

    GSM NW Persia.jpg

    Group to a Royal Artillery officer with GSM and clasp South Persia.  Only 15 RA officers received this clasp.

    S Persia clasp.jpg

    Pair to a Royal Artillery Lieutenant with a GSM with Iraq and Kurdistan clasp.  Only two GSMs with this clasp composition were awarded to RA officers.

    Iraq Kurd.jpg

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    A number of the bars were awarded largely to Indian Army troops.  The S. Persia, for example, is known to three Indian infantry units, 30 Squadron RAF and a handful of British officesr and NCOs.  The N. Kurdistan was awarded only to Iraq levies and 3 RAF squadrons, while the Iraq bar [1919-1920] was the only one awarded in large numbers, to members of three infantry divisions - about 2/3 Indian and 1/3 British, roughly - plus a Cavalry brigade and support and Lof C troops, so likely a couple thousand bars in all.  

    My copy of Gordon's Battles and Medals [1962 edition] lists units for the bars but says in most cases that the lists are incomplete.  Not sure what other sources would be better.

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    The medal rolls for all British Army recipients of clasps to the GSM up through Palestine 1945-48 are available for free download on the TNA website (as are all of the clasps to British Army recipients for the IGSM 1908 and IGSM 1936-39).

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    On ‎10‎/‎01‎/‎2016 at 04:07, QSAMIKE said:

    I understand that the Southern Desert Iraq is very rare to the Royal Air Force.......



    Even rarer5694e0c0ad058_SouthernDesertObverse.thum5694e05850a95_SouthernDesertNaming.thumb to the 3/5th Mahratta Light Infantry. Which I am fortunate to own.


    Here is his MIC

    MIC Maruti Patne.jpg

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