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    I have a document to Kriegsfreiwillige Blumenhain ...

    The name is extremely difficult to locate or find the origins of.... in ancestry there is a single person named Blumenhain....

    I do not have a first name...

    Does anyone have an idea about the origin of the name?



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    33 minutes ago, dedehansen said:

    Hi Chris, unusual name


    Kind regards


    Even there the Blumenhain refered to is the name of a flower shop..., so no living people named Blumenhain anywhere.

    I have an EK Document to a Kriegsfreiwilliger Blumenhain, no first name.

    a Berthold Blumenhain from Berlin was wounded in 1918, and deported and murdered in 1941. The document is III A.K., from Berlin.

    Ancestry shown a single Blumenhain family in Berlin, the father born about 1859, dying 1905.

    I am going to go out on a limb here and say my document is probably to Berthold Blumenhain.


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    Hi Andreas,

    I think the Verwandt site has picked up a querschläger, I don't find a real Person with the name in Germany. There is a florist, a bed and breakfast, an oldage home, all using the Blumenhain as 2Flower grove"... but no telefone number for a Person ? :-(

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