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    The Marinefrontspange in wear.

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    A nice group photo taken on board the Prinz Eugen that shows crewmen wearing the Marinefrontspange.

    I have seen groupings from the Prinz Eugen that included these "on board made" examples of the MFS.

    This photo is of the "Signalenschaft" and is dated 1944/45.The writing on the revese shows reference to an officer and an obersignal meister.

    My guess is that the photo was taken in early 1945 ?

    But,nice to see examples of this award in wear during the wartime period and proof that they did exist,even though made "on board".



    Prinz Eugen,MFS,rev..jpg

    Prinz Eugen,MFS,det._final.jpg

    Prinz Eugen,MFS,obv._final.jpg

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    Great photo showing that award. I don't have any photos of it in wear but I do have an entry dated 6th May 1945 in a Soldbuch for it although it is entered with a slightly different name linking it to the Minesweeper/U-Jagd Award - something I have seen a few times. 



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