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    A couple of years ago I acquired a few docs and photos belonging to a Dr Otto Finkenauer of  Bavarian IR18.

    He was holder of the Militar Sanitats Orden 2nd Class and was killed on the 6th of June 1917 during the preliminary

    bombardment to the attack on the Messines Ridge on the 7th, when a direct hit demolished a bunker being used by the 

    medical team killing him and several others.

    Here is a picture of Otto and the demolished bunker.



    The following day another resident from Rockenhausen died, also at Messines, Fritz Martin, holder of the Silver Bravery Medal and MVK1. The reason I know this is that the newspaper entries announcing their deaths appeared on the same page side by side and survived with this small collection.


    Two very brave men from the same town.

    Best regards


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    Hi Pete,
    here the Ranglisten-Auszug Finkenauer (bay. 18.IR) and here you will find something about Fritz Martin:


    ... and here: http://des.genealogy.net/search/show/6322119

    Best regards,


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