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  1. Hi Laurentius, Ignoring the Crown for now, the rear medallion of the medal and the swords could pass as an early example from Deschler, but the front medallion looks like one from the modern copies that regularly appear on a well known auction site. As far as the Crown is concerned it is distinctly dodgy. Having said that the pictures aren't great, but it isn't a medal I would touch. Hope this is of help. Best regards Pete
  2. Hi, just received this nice EK2 award doc to a Pioneer in the Bavarian 5th Res Pioneer Company, Josef Dobmeier. What makes it a bit more special is he was a recipient of the Bavarian Silver Bravery Medal. I get the general gist of the citation but I would really appreciate it if someone could please provide a full translation. Regards Pete
  3. Hi Camelneck, thanks for the comments. I also think this bar has a chance to be traceable and I agree the SM cross is a great medal. Hope yours turns up OK it looks a good example. Best regards Pete
  4. Yes I was looking at it also, but was a bit too rich for me. Definitely looks ok. Leiber Sebastian Englet born 23/9/1892 at Ichenhausen, Gunzburg. 15/10/14 Taken as recruit at Recruiting Depot 1 of Leib Reg. 29/5/16 As I was saying before I pressed the wrong button........!!! 29/5/16 Ill in Hospital at Charleville 30/6-17/8 1916 at Verdun but on 16/7/16 transferred to Leib Reg Minenwerfer Comp. 21/4/18 Promoted Gef for an act of bravery 24/5/18 In hospital having op for a hernia. 12/8/18 Sent to 1 E MGK at Munich. Awards; MVK3 EK2 Black Wound Badge. Regards Pete
  5. Interesting thread, here is an award doc from my collection, to an X-Ray operative (Rontgenmechaniker) in the Bavarian Medical Service, that I thought might be of interest to you. He was quite a distinguished photographer prior to the War, presumably why he ended up operating an X-Ray Machine. Regards Pete
  6. I think there could be a good chance of finding this man, but I think some of your assumptions may be incorrect. The Bavarian Jubilee Medal with LD1 is a very common combination in Bavarian senior medics, but surprisingly the RA4 and PK3 combination is not common at all. Indeed in the 1914 Bavarian Militar Handbuch I can only find one amongst the medics Oberstabsarzt Johann Hausmann and I believe I have his bar, which is very similar to yours, except that the PK3 has been removed. My guy was still attached to the Bavarians so got the King Ludwig. I believe your guy could well be a Medic in the Bavarian Army born around 1860 retired before the War, probably just after 1905, was either from Lippe or still a practising Medic there who did War work. Hence he got the Prussian Hilfdienst and Lippe and the EK2 on non combattant. Very few Bavarians received the Prussian Centenary Medal. He could well have died before 1934, hence no FEK. Just my take on the bar, I will look into it later and check it out. Regards Pete
  7. Hi Chris, yes I also read Karl Steinberger. Born 18/10/1888, One year volunteer 1/10/12 in Pioneers 1/7/13 U/O 5/5/14 Vfld d R 25/9/14 Off Stel RIR 17 27/11/14 Commissioned as Lt d R in RIR17 Later transferred back to Pioneers and served some time on the Staff of Bavarian Pioneer Battalion 05, hence the above uniform I suppose. Awarded EK2 20/11/14, EK1 25/5/17 and MVO4 28/12/16 Regards Pete
  8. Hi Chris a few years ago I acquired a memorial box that had been kept by the wife of Hauptmann von Zerssen, a company chief, of RIR86. It contains all sorts of bits and pieces relating to his service and death. He was badly wounded at Carlepont and died in hospital at Noyon on the 22nd Sept 1914. His EK2 certificate is dated 6/3/1916 So I thought I might have had one for you, until I read the final newspaper cutting! It is strange though that non of the cuttings or his letters reveal his award of the EK2, apart from the above, dated 6 days after his death. Regards Pete
  9. Here is August Winters war record, it would appear he served in Macedonia and Serbia, where he contracted Malaria, but not the Tirol. When I have more time next week I will try and download the records of the other guys on your list for you. The other thing to mention though is that the second medal may not be a MVO4 but an MVK2. Best regards Pete
  10. Funnily enough I have just archived one such document to a Bavarian, Peter Geimer, who won the award in 1916 and eventually got a certificate and presumably the medal in 1934. Regards Pete
  11. What I posted is his Wartime service record, the stuck in list on the right opposite his name details where he was during the War, it would appear that this Eugen Nachbauer served throughout the War from August 1914 right through to the end of the War. Regards Pete
  12. There is an Eugen Nachbauer who served in the Bavarian Railway. Could be him, details enclosed. Regards Pete
  13. Haven't got many pairs but here's a Bavarian one for you. .....and another
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