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    I am searching for information regarding my 2nd Great Grandfather, born about 1817, Ireland, John Crane (may be spelled Crean).  He served in Lahore India.  I am hoping someone would be able to identify his Regiment by his uniform.  Any clues would be much appreciated.  Thank you.c97917eb-277f-4ca8-82c5-ffc8e0a3d469.thu

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    I think you have him incorrectly id'd as this uniform would be from the 1860's-90's or even a little later I think and he does not look 60 plus years old.  The glengarry cap was introduced for Scottish regiments in 1848 and became the standard headgear for the British army between 1868 to 1897 so perhaps he might have had one with a Scottish regimetn but would still need to be in his thirties at the earleist when they were introduced whilst the tunic looks later, again 1870's or later.  IMO.

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    LoL,  as the others have said,  a man born 1817 would be from an earlier generation than the soldier in this photograph.  The image dates from 1881 or after, as indicated by the cut of his tunic, specifically the round 'jampot' cuffs, so-called.  The style of the Glengarry bonnet suggests about 1890.  Unfortunately, the detail of his cap badge and collar badges is not very clear, as these would identify his regiment.  The 'facing' colour of his cuffs, colour, and perhaps shoulder straps,  is distinctive, too. In regimental re-organisations of 1881, these were standardised to white for English and Welsh county  regiments (despite the Glengarry forage cap, he is not a member of a Scottish regiment) but, gradually, in the years after 1881 regiments applied for their historic 'facing' colours  to be restored.  The dark cuffs here suggest either one of the numerous regiments with yellow facings, yellow showing as a dark tone in photographs of this period or, alternatively, a Royal regiment with blue facings.

    That brings me to the edge of my comfort zone. If you post your question at the 'Victorian Wars' forum, http://www.victorianwars.com/index.php,  members there with extensive knowledge of late Victorian uniforms have marked up an impressive number of successes in identifying photos of this kind and should be able to comment in greater detail.

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    Thank you very much.  You have supplied a lot of extremely valuable information.  It seems certain that I had the wrong era.  

    I will take your advice and post on the other forum. While I've attempted to scan a better image, it really has faded and even with color correction assistance, the details are blurry.  

    Thank you again.  I really am very much obliged.


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