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    I would read it as:

    Ing. Hans Lisberg oder Lieberg.

    It´s quite interesting. His medals Show that he was Militärbeamter or civil serveant in the armed forces (40 years service medal) and that he was a Reserveoffizier who became quite well decorated in WW1. It´s an ebay-pic from richdaw - isn´t it?




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    Thank you for pointing out that it is Ing. Hans Lisberg or Hans Lieberg.  I will search through he Rangliste/Schematismus that i have and see if I can locate him.

    I purchased the card off ebay.de and not from Richard Dawkins, but the card is identical to the one Richard was selling. So he  either signed two photos or I have bought the card that Richard Dawkins had previously sold.  Either way I am pleased to own it. Regards,


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    I have brought this topic back up because I think I may have identified my man.

    I now believe his name is Johann Leiber and he was a Haupleut (1 Nov 1917) K.k. Landwehr verhätnis der Evidenz.

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