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    Need help as fast as possible please!

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    Could anyone  tell me what a complete and cased commanders cross of the Order of Orange Nassau is worth please?

    I can't find anything on the net...

    Sorry but I don't have pictures for the momment.



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    Hi Kris,

    It is depending on if it is a military or civilian version, and the type of case(era).

    If I go by the most common ones:

    Civil: 400-700USD (Blue Case)

    Military: 500-900USD (Blue case)

    If in Orange case:

    Civil: 450-750USD

    Military: 600-1000USD

    These are prices for the most common ones, if can change if you have one made in Portugal or a gold one(14K)





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    Thanks for your respons Sampo!

    Not sure if it is a gold one, didn't had the time to check.

    Judging by the other orders it is civilian and made by JMJ van Wielik, in a orange case.

    Must be pre WWII too....

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