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  1. Hello, There is a broad offer of Italian medals for missions in Kosovo, Bosnia, Lebanon, Somalia etc. But there are also a lot of variations in these medals. Can anyone help me in what to look for to buy an original issued Italian mission medal. I found a group, but is is real and why? Thanks!
  2. Hello, Does anyone know if there are any copies of the Polish campaign stars? And how can you distinguish an original star? Cheers Sampo
  3. Hi Nick, Not exactly, these medals are for duty only. For the peace missions the Norwegians have other medals. Cheers
  4. Hi, Most likely he has received it in his position of Minister of Foreign Affairs (1956-1971). There was a state visit of Nepal in 1967. Sampo
  5. Sampo

    Ivory Coast

    Hi Nick, For the officer Cote D'Ivoire, the missing thing in the lower right corner is a button device. These Usually go between 60-90 euro. Cheers Sampo
  6. Hi OvBacon, Yes, that is the final missing link, you where right, the last medal is the 1948 inauguration medal. Cheers Sampo
  7. Hi OvBacon, I think you are pretty close, I see: Not really clear this first one(need better picture, but I am pretty sure it is not the 1948 inauguration medal) Royal wedding medal 1937 War cross 1940-1945 Officer loyal service cross Mobilisation cross 1914-1918 Marching proficiency cross Cheers Sampo
  8. Hi OvBacon, Looks like the Belgium order of Leopold , officer to me, which was more common with the Dutch lion order. Cheers Sampo Could be the Belgium order of the Crown, but that depends if the colour is more burgundy rather than Violet. Cheers Sampo
  9. Hi John, I have checked the books on them, if there are no markings, it is not a gold one. At first sight this looks like a 1960-1980 type made by "van Wielik" The Hague, and they are always gilted. Take care Sampo
  10. Hi John, Hard to say, at first sight looks gilt to me, but the markings may conclude it. Are there any markings? Usually at the connection between the planchet and the crown, and/or on the medal ring. Cheers Sampo
  11. Hi Lingqi, This is the commemorative campaign medal of the Army of Portugal 1916. This medal was established in 1916 on the 30th of November by decree number 2870. It was issued for all campaigns of the army against the Portuguese enemies in Portugal or abroad. The silver one was given to officers, gold for senior officers and bronze for others. The medal you have here is the 1919 revised version for armed forces campaigns. It is an average seen medal, although in silver or gold a bit scarce. Cheers Sampo
  12. Hi John, Looks Ok to me. It has a typical French loop for the ribbon, which is very common for these orders. Take care Sampo
  13. Hi John, Sorry, it is not Laotian nor Cambodian. It is the Vietnamese Ethnic development medal 2nd class. (Boi Tinh Phat Trien) Take care Sampo
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