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    Very similar in construction to one I have from Boelcke.  i think I have it on here somewhere?

    Edit it is not on here so it would be on War Relics forum same user name from the first time i was on there (banned, lol).

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    This came out of an attic here in Bergen with a few other bits and bobs, of note is the fact the squadron was based up the road at Fassberg and it likely came from there.  Of note are the pink reverse stiching as often the cheapest or the most available thread was used and you can see newspaper was used as a backing paper too.  I have no doubts about this one as it was practicaly a gift from a friend that got it from a family member that bought the house here when he cleared it.  



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    Thanks for posting yours. I immediately notice that your lettering is heavier than mine. Mine had some kind of weak felt material used as a backing. I don't see these often but really like the looks of yours.

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