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    Unknown AH medal suspension


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    I did find this Iron Cross in the box of my Grandfather's and Great Grandfather's Medals. On another site I was told it did not belong together. They were the only two items - Cross with no ribbon and ribbon with no medal.  Possible?


    Iron Cross.jpg

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    It is not possible.  It looks like this: 



    Never mind the fact that there is no such medal ribbon, the ribbon is narrower than it should be so it would be difficult to make standard trifolded ribbon. 

    I think somebody played with German  patriotika ribbon.



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    12 hours ago, WJT said:

    Do you think it went with this? It was in the box also.

    berlin front.jpg

    Yes, I think it is definitely integral part of some German patriotic insignia. Perhaps from this one.

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    :) if its a vet organizations you'll need to find an expert here that could help. Maybe post in the German section of the forum that deals with this.

    It looked like someone folded the Irons Cross ribbon to me, but lots of things carry these colors :) 

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