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    1882 Egyptian Service medal

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    Hi all. Just managed to pick this one up this evening. The pics are the sellers but sadly none of the rim.


    Seller says the rim says:

    4258 Pie J.Perrott 17th C.C. & T.C. although she sounded like she was having problems seeing it all clearly. After looking a bit on the web would it be safe to say that should read 17th Co. C&TC for 17th Company Commissariat and Transport Corps?

    I've requested scans/pics of the edge but no idea what if anything will come of it. Should be here sometime this coming week so if nothing else I can scan once it arrives.

    The old girl needs a ribbon... so on the hunt for that so I can give her back some of her glory. Now still learning about British awards... my understanding is unlike say, German award collectors, these are often cleaned, etc. So asking on this one should she be left as is just with the addition of a ribbon once I can get hold of one... or should it be cleaned?

    Might anyone have any info on this recipient? Any help would be deeply appreciated.

    Many thanks!



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    On the roll as T/4258 John Perrott, 17th Company, Commissariat and Transport Corps.   Entitled to the clasp TEL-EL-KEBIR. 

    The question of cleaning should generate some strong opinions on both side of the issue as some like their medals dark and dirty and others wish them parade-ground clean, and there is little middle-ground between the two opinions.  As you continue to collect British medals you will learn that it is best to buy the finest example of a particular medal that your budget will allow.  Medals that are heavily damaged (as the rim of your medal) or missing clasps and suspensions generally are not favored by most collectors. By the time you have a genuine suspension and clasp added to this medal the cost will probably more than you paid for the medal and you will still have a medal that has damage to the rim and some damage to the face of the medal.

    That said, you will have a chance to do additional research as Perrott's service records are available on Find My Past at:





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    No Egypt ribbon. :(  I have a box of bits which I thought had a length but no joy.  It shouldn't be that hard to find - try the OMSA ribbon bank.  Not sure if it's being reproduced but not unlikely and with luck it will look decent - some of the new stuff is terribly shiny compared to the originals.

    Commassiariat - known as the 'Sausage and TumTum Brigade' in the British Indian Army - were key to any successful field operation, though often sneered at by the infantry.  


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    try Worcestershire Medal Service Ltd for the ribbon they have a very large range and stock. To join in the cleaning discussion I clean my medals on first acquisition as I can check for any hidden naughtiness under the dirt (a soldered clasp on a QSA Spring to mind) but it's a personal thing really what do you prefer 

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