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    Tell me a little something about German Smoke Troops???

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    So recently I read an excerpt from a 1944 Military Intelligence Document talking about The Wehrmacht's Smoke troop tactics on Lonesentry ( GERMAN SMOKE TACTICS FOR SUPPORT OF COMBAT TROOPs).  I have only ever seen one uniform for a smoke troop.  A few questions

    1) Would they get Assault Credit for a GAB?

    2) Do any of you have any photos of uniforms that you own?

    3) Any other information or Items of Interest would be appreciated.  I find it interesting that they were their own branch and not part of Artillery.  The only thing that seems similar today in the US Army is the Chemical Corps Branch.  Would that be pretty equivalent?

    Thanks to everyone who has responded.

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    That's an interesting question. One I can't as yet answer. As L/W had 'Werfer units too, would they receive the LW ASA? Most were motorised Units some with Maultiers mounted with N/W's both Heer & L/W. I can't as yet find a doc to a Nebelwerfer unit with a doc that would assist. If infantry (could) an ISA bronze be awarded? That's a very good query you've thrown up. Stewy

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    Oh nice you found one. That is real neat.

    I have seen some photos of Soldiers from this branch with mainly WMCX and EKIIs.  Have you ever seen anything about them getting GABs?  I would not think that they were in the actual assaults unlike STUG (considered part of artillery) because they were second line troops right?

    I wonder what qualified a Soldier to be selected for the Branch or if it just was by luck?  The Lonesentry document is the most comprehensive document on Smoke Soldiers.

    It is just a fascinating branch of Specialists.

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    There's a Werfer group somewhere & the fella's got a silver ISA. I'm fairly sure that was awarded while he was with another unit though. As daft as it sounds there's a Dragon 1/6 scale Werfer figure with a silver ISA. How historically accurate they are, I don't know. That's why I wondered if a bronze ISA may have been a possible award for (Mot) Werfer troops. There must be more info out there I've yet to find. Stewy

    I'm not sure if I've got any other Werfer related stuff. If I have it'll only be photos. Not docs etc. Stewy

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    Doesn't Matter, whatever information that you can find is great.  I appreciate your time and effort with this topic.  I will continue to monitor.

    *On another note, I am going to make another thread if you care to follow it and provide some information.  It will be on the 22d Luftlande; 22 Infanterie Div; 22 Volksgrendier Div. (Specifically the Pioneer units)

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