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    Hello gentlemen's, I really need your help in this matter. I don't know if is the right place to post this but I don't know where else to post it.

    It appears to be a cup prize for shooting, given by some soldiers to someone... Does anybody know more about this item/s?

    Any information will be more that wellcomed.


    Thank you,








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    Hello Alex!

    I couldn´t find a Oberst Wittig and a Hauptmann Rembges in the prussian ranklists.

    That´s not easy. It could be everything. Saxony, Bavaria, post-war, III. Reich, East-Germany, Bundeswehr...

    Maybe a stamp-specialist could help you with the HB (?)

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    27 minutes ago, The Prussian said:

    Yes, Andreas, but Feldwebel? That´s strange for a civilian shooting club.

    Yes Sir, and also Hauptfeldwebel

    Google da bitte mal auf Deutsch mit Schützenkorps / Schützenverein / Schützengilde etc

    und dem Dienstgrad


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