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Stands to display truncheon collection


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I've made individual stands for mine as I tend to move them around from time to time and room to room just to keep things from getting to hum-drum.  The advantage of the single column stand is that i will fit just about any truncheon, riot club or pole-arm for which you might use them.  I would sugget a Japanese sword rack style display for multiple item display.  I've made several sword stands for my Japanese collection but never one for truncheons but I don't see why it would not work.  You'd have to dimention your lumber stock down to match the size of the truncheon as sword stands ise ½ inch material, at lease mine do.

Sorry about the quality of the photos as these are behind glass in my office at the moment. I dust and straighten up my office about once per millenium so it keeps them safe and sound when not in the collection room displays.






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Hi Robin,

I like them hung on the wall as well but wall space here is pretty well used up...there is the washroom walls however. LOL

Hi Speagle,

I used white oak but any wood would work as well.  I made these as well as several pairs in different heights for Mervyn's shop in SA a few years ago. The reason I used white oak is that I like the grain and I purchased a small truck load of rough white oak for the shop, so it was available.  I've included a photo of one of the several stands I made for the British Bobby Helmet collection and use these as well for military steel helmets as well as forage caps.  You can see I stuck to a similar theme as far as the columns and base design as the truncheon stands.

I hope you like them. Anyone wanting to make these can do so quite easily and I will gladly give them some tips to save injured fingers etc.






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Brian, these are exactly what I'm after to display my small collection, I've seen others displayed in the same way. I didn't realise people had made them themselves, I was hoping there was somewhere to purchase them. I also like the Bobbies helmet stand, as I have a spare one which I want to display, especially as my Force has now changed the design slightly.

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